Larc Concierge is dedicated to customer satisfaction and all services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No task is complete until our clients are completely satisfied with the job or services we have provided. Larc has multiple levels of membership to suit your individual or business needs.

As Needed Basis:
Larc can be hired for a specific task, event or travel need. Our services are billed hourly at a rate or $50 per hour. All times are logged and relayed to the client as we progress and we are happy to give estimates at the outset of a particular job or service.

Gold Card Membership:
Companies or Individuals can keep Larc on retainer for any and all services or assistance you may need. All events, tasks, planning and requests are covered under this retainer and will be accomplished during normal business hours. All tasks are accomplished during regular business hours. This membership level fits for most clients and provides you or your company with time and money saving connections catered to your needs. Tasks needing to be carried out outside of business hours will be billed at an hourly rate. Larc's business hours are Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm Central U.S. time.

Black Card Membership:
Our Black Card Members enjoy 24 hour access to Larc Concierge. This is perfect for larger businesses and clients with more frequent daily needs. You become a top priority and have unlimited access to our staff and resources. Many clients who utilize our international travel services and health and wellness plans can opt for this Membership to ensure that they have the access and support they need. At the Black Card level we are also happy to customize or incorporate new services on a case by case basis.

All Larc clients receive access to our convenient and user friendly client login system. You can track hours used, itineraries, billing information, and see an updated log of our work and job status for each individual task we have been assigned.

For information and pricing on Gold Card and Black Card Memberships please contact us at or 202-558-8984. You may also submit a request via our "Contact Us" page.